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Juggler not cycling "balls"


Juggler should cycle through all available wallpapers. Once it shows one wallpaper it should not show it again until the full circle (through available wallpapers) is made. In my case i repeatably hit "Juggle Now" just so i see different wallpapers on my desktop and can decide which ones to keep and which ones to delete, so that "Wallpaper Juggler" then only show me wallpapers i really like. This is difficult to achieve since "Juggle Now" basically just shows me "some" of my wallpapers and many of theme multiple times and some even when it is already showing - so it show me the same wallpaper two times in row. That is frustrating for me. I believe there should be some option to set how a user wants to juggle or at least have juggler behave by default so that it goes randomly through all wallpapers but does not show you the same wallpaper multiple times, at least not until full circle cycle through all available wallpapers is completed.